Monday Blues

Dear Meeko,

Today was the start of a new week, back to work and learning how to cope with the day to day experiences. I had a good nights sleep maybe it was the sleeping pills or maybe all of my crying finally exhausted my body. Starting my day was hard, not waking up and letting you out first thing was an adjustment. The empty space along the kitchen wall was a sad reminder I only had one pup to feed. It was supposed to rain all day which fit my gloomy mood. I made it to work on time and was quickly distracted with the enldess amount of work I had from bring out for a few days, I needed the distraction. At times my mind just wondered to your gorgeous little doggy face, but I have to learn how to deal with all my emotions and remain focused. I dont think you want me to lose my job :) I  got through my work day with tons of remaining work to do tomorrow which will be another great distraction.


Coming home is always hard, I dont walk up and hear your loud, piercing bark, I dont feel like I was missed. I jumped right into cleaning up and having dinner. Dont even get me started on eating in this house, as annoying as you were I would give anything to have you begging and stealing food off my plate. I lost my built in vacume, so needless to say i'll be sweeping a lot! Its very quite and lonely around here your sister Emmy and daddy miss you so much they dont like to express it as I do, but I see it in their eyes. The chime on the porch brings me more and more happiness it reminds me of you so much. The sound of the chimes I tell myself is you barking or begging. When it lights up it reminds me how you will ALWAYS be the light of my life.

Well Meeks, Carlos is looking a bit bored and I feel like I should pay him more attention. I'll write you tomorrow. Its Cinco De Mayo, so I sure hope you eat some Beef or Chicken tacos at the rainbow bridge. I love you and miss you so damn much.

Your Mommy-


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