Sunday Night

Dear Meeko

The rain is falling on the streets of bridgeport as the cars zoom by you can hear the wet sounds of the outside. My mom purchased me a wind chime that lights up by solar power and every time the wind blows and I hear the beautiflul sounds of them chiming together it makes me think its a sign from you and it helps. Like your still here, making noise yet so beautiful. You would have hung with Emmy most of the day as Daddy (Carlos) is trying to keep me busy and about. She misses you! Whos going to pick on her, eat her food and lick her ears when shes sick. I hope she can become herself again as do I. Tomorrow I go back to work and its going to be so hard not having you next to me all morning. I hope I have the strenght. I miss you so much my heart breaks. I hope you know I will never not think of you. so through this new blog, im hoping to keep you looped in on my life and how im copeng. Its quickly becoming bed time as tomorrow willl be my true text. I hope the chimes make whimsical music all night long. Rest Peacfully my Bubba boo.

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